Brahma Kumaris

Sisters tying Rakhi at Koelnagar Center Sister tying rakhi to Inspector of Bisra PS Sister tying rakhi to CRPF Asst Commandant

On the eve of pious festival “RAKSHA BANDHAN” different programs were
organised by the dedicated sisters of PRAJAPITA BRAHMA KUMARIS
ISHWARIYA VISWA VIDYALYA, Koelnagar, Rourkela branch. They explained the
real significance of this festival and tied sacred thread of Rakhi on the hands of
all invited guests and its regular students called Brahma Kumar and Brahma
Following Programs were conducted during the Festival on 7 th August 2017:
1. Koelnagar center of Brahma Kumaris where around 40 residents of
koelnagar visited on the eve and about 120 regular students tied Rakhi
by the sisters of the center.
2. Police Station of Bisra where Inspector Incharge Mr. Prabhat Biswal
shown keen interest on the festival and tied Rakhi at their office with
their 10 staff members.
3. CRPF Asst. Commandant Mr. Sanjay Thakur of Bisra gathered all its
available Jawans where sisters tied Rakhi at their office and they were
also explained the spiritual meaning of Raksha Bandhan. Mr Sanjay
Thakur also given his whole hearted consent to organize in future the
program for Jawans on the topics like Stress Management, Art of
positive Thinking and Meditation Learning etc.
4. All the Staff members of State Bank of India , Koelnagar Branch
alongwith its Branch Head tied rakhi at their branch. About 20 staff
members were available who appreciated and welcomed the Brahma
Kumari Sisters on the Eve.
5. Police Inspector Mr DiptiKant Pradhan, Incharge of Koelnagar, Police
Station shown keen interest to get this festival celebrated at their office
with his team. Around 10 members whole heartedly tied rakhi from
Brahma Kumari Sister’s. Mr Pradhan also shown interest to learn
Meditation in future under the guidance of Brahma Kumari sisters.
6. WESCO’s Koelnagar collection office and line distribution office staff
members also welcomed Brahma Kumari sisters at their office to get tied
Rakhi on their hands.

7. A team of 10 staff members of ORTEL, Koelnagar office also being tied
Rakhi by the sisters of Brahma Kumaris at their office.
8. C V Raman Girl’s Hostel of NIT, Rourkela also tied Rakhi from the sisters
of Brahma Kumaris, Koelnagar. Brahma Kumari sisters visited the Hostel
and explained the real significance of Rakhi to about 50 students
available. All the students even enjoyed that the Rakhi is tied to even
sisters by the understanding that all the human beings are souls of one
supreme father, The GOD and the body may be either Male or Female.
So by tying Rakhi we get Raksha from the GOD.