Program of Meditation Retreat for Rourkela BK’s and Engineering Students of NIT by SpARC Wing

Brahma Kumaris



Today on 18/12/2017 at about 300 Brahma Kumaris, students gathered at Community centre, Rourkela for a Meditation Retreat program conducted by senior Expert Rajyogi’s – B K Shrikant, National Co-ordinator of SpARC (Spiritual Applications Research Centre an active Wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation ) from Mount Abu, B K Bala Kishore from Hyderabad, B K Durgesh Nandini from Bhubaneswar and B K Shivani Sharma from Mumbai. Brother B K Bala Kishore highlighted on the Process of Sanskar Transformation wherein he gave few easy and practical tips to eradicate old and deep rooted sanskars lying in the Soul. Brother B K Shrikant guided the gathering with a Commentry to Experience the Self (Soul) and its loveful union with Supreme father which the audience felt a memorable and wonderful moments of Deep Meditation. All of the audience felt that they were detached from this material world and immersed in the Ocean of Bliss in those moments of solitude. Sister B K Durgesh also gave her valuable talk and clarified the deep meaning of Spiritual points which are very essential to make our Life Happy and contended. Mr. Surender Baral, Secretary of Community Centre, Sector-1 was invited as Guest of Honour for this program. The Program was started at 6.30 am and ended with a healthy & Nutritious Lunch by 2.00 pm. During the Second Half of the day another program was also successfully organised by Vivekananda Club of NIT Sudents and Brahma Kumaris, Koelnagar, Rourkela at Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium with the Title as TRAIN YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BRAIN. Brother B K Bala Kishore from Hyderabad was the Key Speaker of this program who gave his valuable and practical tips on the topic which about 300 students and faculty members ofNIT have appreciated.